Artwork photography for artist Mary-Dawn Robert and Bruce Lawes

Mary-Dawn Roberts is an accomplished Canadian realist Artist (left), “Master of His Domain” by B.K. Lawes (right)

Proven Professional Results

At BP imaging, we have been providing high quality Fine Art Photography and Scanning for artists including watercolour, illustrations and paintings for many years! For an artist, it is extremely important to invest in good quality digital files of your original artwork before you sell or release your piece so you can own a master copy for marketing and selling production prints.


High quality artwork reproduction is a technically challenging task as each unique individual piece needs to be properly lit and photographed for the most accurate results.


Our professional Fine Art Photography and Scanning services combine superb quality & attention to detail with the right equipment for the job. Our professional digital cameras and lighting equipment and techniques ensure accurate colour reproduction with crisp high resolution files suitable for high quality reproduction and display.


Please see below examples of our Fine Art Photography and Scanning for internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Lawes who trusts BP imaging to photograph his precious and awe inspiring paintings.

B.K. Lawes Testimonial:

“I have worked with BP imaging for almost 10 years, primarily for photographing my paintings for print and publishing purposes. Their ability to capture my work accurately using their Phase back camera technology is remarkable, and I highly recommend them. I found many other photographers still use 35mm cameras for copy work primarily because Phase back technology is so expensive but the results are far superior. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed in their expertise and pricing.”

Bruce Lawes – Artist

Copywork photography for artist Bruce Lawes

“Shades of Blues and Grays” by B.K. Lawes

Copywork artwork reproduction photography Running Free by B.K. Lawes

“Running Free” by B.K. Lawes

Artistic reproduction photography of A New Birth of Freedom by B.K. Lawes

“A New Birth of Freedom” by B.K. Lawes