In-House Post Photography Services

The experienced, artistic, and skilled professional photographers at BP imaging have produced high quality photographs for both national brands and local businesses for over 50 years. At BP imaging all of our post photography editing services are produced in-house by our post production team.

Post production services include image retouching, photo restoration, colour correction & management, exposure adjustment, colour conversion, close cropping, image manipulation, image composition, background replacement and more.

Our post production team has many specialties including retouching for portrait photography to remove blemishes, pimples, wrinkles, acne and even enhance eye colour. Have an old historic photograph that is scratched and fading? BP imaging also offers image restoration services for damaged photographs so you can cherish your memories forever.

What separates our post production team from other retouchers is the input from our professional photographers to ensure creative and realistic looking results.


Colour Correction & Imaging

Image retouching colour optimization by BP imagingPhoto retouching colour correction enhancement post photography service

Close Cropping & Retouching

Before close cropping on location photographyAfter close cropping on orange background with shadows post photography service

Photo Restoration

Before post photography service of colour and imaging workAfter post photography service retouching, imaging and colour correction

Photo Retouching & Imaging

Before professional retouching and imaging services, shot in our studioAfter background imaging and professional retouching services

Photo Retouching & Imaging

Retouch bedroom flooring before by BP imagingRetouch bedroom flooring after by BP imaging

Photo Retouching & Imaging

Retouch bedroom loft flooring before by BP imagingRetouch bedroom loft flooring after by BP imaging